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OpenText Exstream is an innovative Customer Communications Management platform. It combines Exstream’s high- productive engine and interactive editing capabilities with StreamServe’s (also known as Communications Center Enterprise) event-driven transactional processing model and out of the box integration flexibility. The result is a powerful communication platform.


With OpenText Exstream, different departments within your organization can control and customize whole documents, or certain parts of a document without the need to wait for updates from IT staff, which free up IT resources, and cuts production and go-to-market time.




  • Ecodocx has been helping companies of all sizes to transform digitally for 16 years by using the right software. Customer Communications Management is our core business and we have a team of certified consultants who not only have a rich experience working with OpenText products, but are happy to share with you all their knowledge and help with implementation, consultancy, support, and managed services.

  • We are a knowledge party and have been able to guide many customers in the field of document and output management in recent years. Some of our customers have been customers for more than 10 years and still work with the same system because our team ensures a smooth and customized process automation. We are happy to help you stay ahead. 




Upgrading from Communications Center Enterprise
& StreamServe to OpenText Exstream







OpenText Exstream 16.2 and later versions combine a variety of powerful applications from Exstream version 9.x (former HP Exstream), CCE 5.6.2 (former StreamServe) and some new applications developed by OpenText for version 16.

This solution package offers a combination of web and desktop applications that combine processing engine options and design tools into a single, powerful, integrated Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform, orchestrated by the Exstream Communications Server:

  • Desktop applications for design (Designer and StoryTeller), configuration (Design Manager and Communications Builder), and for administration (Control Center);


  • Web applications for monitoring and management (Workshop, Supervisor, Control), for business authoring (Content Author and Storyboard), and for interactive communications (Empower Editor and Retouch Editor);


  • Shared platform services: Communications Server applications and other Exstream applications, such as service gateways, run on the Exstream framework, which contains a management gateway and core platform services;


  • Repositories and Common Asset Service (CAS);


  • External applications: OpenText Directory Services and Experience Analytics.




OpenText Exstream: General product overview

Learn about:

  • OpenText Exstream is scalable across any document-driven business process and helps organizations to create, generate and distribute documents in batch and on-demand mood, with a single independent communications layer.
  • Watch this 2-minute video to see how easy it is to create, modify and publish personalized messages and content to a variety of devices and channels from a single design with Exstream.
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Whether you’re looking to convert a legacy document publishing platform to OpenText Exstream or need some guidance for implementing a new solution, we can help. Our staff specializes in CCM solutions and can provide critical assistance ranging from strategic guidance on best-practices implementation of the OpenText Exstream architecture to operational expertise on specific modules such as ReTouch, Workshop & Storyboard, and others.

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