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OpenText Exstream Interactive Correspondence for Content Server

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What is OpenText Exstream
Interactive Correspondence for Content Server?


OpenText Exstream Interactive Correspondence for Content Server is a flexible module that allows generating template-based documents in Content Server on an ad hoc basis for any use case, such as letters, license agreements, quotations, offers, product fact sheets, and other documents. The documents can be integrated into a specific workflow and adjusted to any horizontal or vertical business requirement. A template may contain static and dynamic data. The dynamic data type allows users to automatically update personalized data, such as name, address, etc from leading business systems. 





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OpenText Exstream Interactive Correspondence for Content Server Use Case Example

Kevin works as a customer sales representative at a software company. Kevin’s company uses Interactive Correspondence for contract management.


  • Creating a new license agreement
    Kevin must prepare a new license agreement for an existing customer. In Content Server, Kevin locates the Contract Binder with the contracts for the customer.

    When adding the license agreement, Kevin selects the template and document type for the license agreement, names the document, edits the content, and saves it in Content Server.

    In the document preview, Kevin can preview and further enhance the license agreement. For example, he can add texts from the legal department, update editable texts, and add new texts for this specific agreement. When Kevin saves the document, a new version of the license agreement is added to the Contract Binder.


  • Regenerating a license agreement
    If required, Kevin can update the license agreement at a later point of time and create a new version of the license agreement. For example, if the IT department has updated the template, Kevin can regenerate the license agreement and create a new version of the document based on the updated template.


Please note: this is only an example of a use case. Ecodocx can help your team to implement any workflow with any type of document. Other examples of usage scenarios are the generation of invoices, statements, offers, quotations, product fact sheets and HR documents such as promotion letters and contracts.




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OpenText Exstream Interactive Correspondence
for Content Server Services


We provide services for all versions of OpenText Exstream. But before providing any type of service, we work with you to clarify objectives. We help you define which requirements you must meet including those around your scope, budget, and schedule. We explore multiple and agile ways to solve your problem and help you decide which solution is best.

Advisory and Consulting Services

Need some advice on your existing OpenText Exstream (or former versions, e.g. StreamServe, CCE or Exstream Dialogue)? Do you have a concern, or would simply like to hear the feedback from a professional service provider? We offer advisory sessions as a yearly subscription service or a one-time service.


OpenText Product Training

Our team provides general and custom training sessions for all versions of Exstream, where we provide knowledge transfer, and share best practices. We also do OpenText crash courses for business and technical users and administrators. Your team can get training at your location, at our location in Boston MA, or remote during WebEx sessions.





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