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What is SAP Document Presentment by OpenText?


Businesses running SAP systems need to support the generation and multi-channel distribution of a large variety of printed or electronic documents, which often require a lot of complex development and maintenance in SAP with multiple tools and hundreds of templates. SAP Document Presentment by OpenText (also known as OpenText StreamServe, Communications Center Enterprise (CCE), Exstream) supports these document processes throughout the enterprise in a highly scalable and efficient way.

It provides a flexible, single document presentment solution that dramatically reduces the time and effort to support all document requirements including easy design, layout, business rules (e.g. for dynamic business messaging, localization and branding), sorting and bundling, as well as powerful, automated printing and multi-channel distribution support. It helps SAP users harness the power of document communication on an ongoing basis, without relying on complex IT projects, or any complex scripting and maintenance inside SAP. The benefits offer more flexibility, faster time-to-market, reduced SAP processing time, simplified SAP architecture, and better and clearer customer communication with personalized messages, preferred language, channel, and format.


Product Support Lifecycle: OpenText Document Presentment for SAP Solutions version 5.6.2 is supported until March 2020. The latest supported version is 16.6, which is supported until June 2024. For more information about the product support lifecycle and upgrade options, please contact us directly. As an authorized OpenText service partner, we will be happy to help.




Streamline and Automate Content Generation and Distribution from SAP

including SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Hybris


OpenText Document Presentment for SAP is a fully integrated solution that:

  • Generates personalized enterprise documents and correspondence from SAP and non SAP systems.
  • Enables communications from multiple enterprise applications to multiple output channels.
  • Provides flexible integration of archives and internal or external print-shops.
  • Lowers total cost of ownership and improves agility by making document changes in real-time
  • Automates document pipeline to streamline business processes
  • Supports all business-critical, document-intensive processes with customized bills and invoices, statements, purchase orders, correspondence, manifests, labels, checks, packing lists, drive-ready packs, etc.






SAP Document Presentment by OpenText at a Glance




Wide-format support

SAP Document Presentment by OpenText manages all SAP document formats, such as SmartForms, RDI, OTF / ABAPList, XSF, IDOC, XFP, and also allows processing of editions from other IS applications, such as XML, CSV, Web Services.

The solution natively supports Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions for engaging images and video.


Flexible document layout design

The design tool offers many powerful and dynamic composition functions (tables, sorts, paragraphs, calculations, charts and visualizations, barcodes, labels).


Seamless integration with SAP applications

An extension of SAP applications like SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors Solutions, or SAP Hybris, leveraging the power of SAP Fiori & SAP HANA for superior experiences and personalization.

SAP Document Presentment by OpenText integrates with SAP spooler, allows to preview documents directly in SAP, to customize documents via FIORI, and supports reporting and analytics on customer communications.


Easy omnichannel communications

Destination independent design supports all output streams and modes using a single design e.g. e-mail, HTML, PDF, print, and others.







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The customer is a Washington-based power utility company that provides services to almost 300k customers.

Providing a single point of control over millions of documents and thousands of customer communications. Replacing legacy systems, streamlining business processes by speeding up daily document-related business processes and reducing labor costs.

OpenText Document Presentment, OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management.

The modernization of the company’s business processes allowed to speed up daily document-related business processes, reduce labor costs, streamline customer service, reduce customer support call rate and grow higher revenue.

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As an authorized Service Partner with a team of certified experts, Ecodocx helps companies worldwide to make the most of their strategic investments into OpenText products. We understand that your business success depends on your ability to access your everyday tools. Therefore, we provide maintenance, monitoring, optimization, and upgrade of your OpenText products to help you avoid any disruption in your business processes. 

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