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Transport and logistics companies create numerous documents every day. Offers, invoices and dunning letters must be composed. These business transactions also occur in other companies. However, transport & logistics companies often create packing lists, summary declarations, customs declarations, cargo manifests, transport and other shipping documents. Sometimes the company’s staff needs to add an attachment to a created document. The created documents with their attachments need to be sent via email, mail, fax or stored in a defined directory. Also, labels for sending the goods must be issued. All these business documents are referred to as output, which requires professional management. Automating these steps helps to minimize errors caused by manual handling. Employees can concentrate on their main tasks rather than on searching for needed documents for a long time manually. In other words, logistics and transport companies want to reduce fifty mouse clicks to five.

Benefits of using solutions for
logistics and transport companies provided by Ecodocx

Omnichannel digital and paper customer correspondence

Professional customer correspondence every time guaranteed by document approval system

Electronic contract signing with new customers, partners, and vendors

SMS and messenger notifications via smartphone and tablet

Reduce demand on IT staff by working with user-friendly document management solutions

Digital workflow for collaboration: Combine all document related work processes in one place.

Interactive and dynamic documents

Drive up- and cross-selling by engaging customers and building brand loyalty

Partner collaboration,
document management and
accessibility made easy with

Ecodocx LLC is a trusted leader of digital solutions,
which help companies around the world to streamline
document related work processes, make it easier than
ever to get the maximum profit from your strategic

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  • Business documents can be distributed through different channels at the same time.
  • A document type is used and supported in many variants (e.g. language, currency, number format).
  • The costs of processing numerous documents of a logistics company are reduced. Printer and paper costs can be cut (e.g. E-signature allows to minimize printing and scanning costs)
  • Output devices and channels can be determined during template or document creation.
  • Non-technical staff can add dynamic, rule-based content (graphs, text, barcodes, images) to document templates without IT support.Non-technical staff can add dynamic, rule-based content (graphs, text, barcodes, images) to document templates without IT support.
  • New business partners can be integrated easily.
  • Delivery and transport orders are not only created but also sorted and bundled.
  • Employees benefit from automated correspondence.
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Workflow solutions from Ecodocx make cooperation within companies easier and ensure that only approved documents leave the company and that all elements of the outgoing documents achieve brand integrity.

If for example, the output management in logistics doesn’t work, a customer can receive the invoice from another customer. A business partner can get a copy of a contract that was intended for someone else.

Customer account statements can be sent incorrectly – the data security is not given, which can lead to major legal consequences.

Also, without a well automated correspondence and document creation workflow, employees need to create the same document type and search for needed information manually every day.

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Large logistics and transport companies have a very complex infrastructure of business technologies. Legacy systems often build the biggest problem in the innovation process of most utilities. Fact is, using old software technologies can be often frustrating, ineffective, time-consuming and expensive.

IT Departments are struggling to meet the growing expectations of their company’s customers while using legacy tools.

Often the employees are so busy trying to make everything work, that they don’t even take a minute to hear out experts which are just trying to tell them that there are already solutions which can not only solve all of their problems, but also raise effectiveness at work with a fast return on investments.

Ecodocx’s solutions can be integrated into your existing system landscape without making any changes to existing systems. This way you can use existing customers data to create highly professional, personalized and interactive customer correspondence to engage existing customers loyalty.

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There is a wide range of Output Management Solutions on the market, but the challenge is finding the one solution which will offer a fast performance and reliable architecture, effectively reduce manual working steps, empower company departments to work more efficient while reducing the demand on IT staff, create a digital workspace for your employee which they can access anytime and anywhere, while controlling the user access degree and document approval system.

And last but not least, this solution needs to offer a wide platform ( e.g. Windows, Linux, CentOS, IBMI, AS/400, AIX) and customer database (e.g. ERP, CRM, homegrown) support, without making any changes to existing business systems.

At Ecodocx, we specialize in these areas and develop effective and customized solutions, which help our customers to streamline their business processes and not only help to reduce document generation and customer communications costs but also engages customers loyalty.

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