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OpenText StreamServe 5.6.2 Product Support Lifecycle ends in December 2019.
OpenText Exstream is the latest supported version. Learn more.


OpenText StreamServe (now OpenText Exstream) is an integral component of the Customer Experience Management (CEM) suite that OpenText offers to help organizations execute on comprehensive Enterprise Information Management strategies. CEM is a set of technologies that organizations can take advantage of to exceed customer expectations, reach new markets, and provide superior experiences across all digital channels.




opentext streamserve consulting
  • Ecodocx has been helping companies of all sizes to transform digitally for 16 years by using the right software. Customer Communications Management is our core business and we have a team of certified consultants who not only have a rich experience working with OpenText products, but are happy to share with you all their knowledge and help with implementation, consultancy, support, and managed services.

  • We are a knowledge party and have been able to guide many customers in the field of document and output management in recent years. Some of our customers have been customers for more than 10 years and still work with the same system because our team ensures smooth and customized process automation. We are happy to help you stay ahead. OpenText has been appointed by Gartner as leader of the Quadrant for Customer Communications Management Software.




Upgrading from Communications Center Enterprise
& StreamServe to OpenText Exstream





OpenText StreamServe: General product overview

The solution enables you to:

  • Engage more profitably with customers — Leverage personally relevant information at touch points ranging from one-on-one contact to high-volume, mass-produced documents.
  • Simplify and automate document execution and handlings — Streamline document-related business processes to lower cost and speed performance.
  • Empower users — Give business users hands-on control of the documents they need to run the business, and simultaneously relieve the demands on IT for change requests and support.
  • Improve the efficiency of business processes — Whether communicating with customers and suppliers, triggering internal processes, or facilitating payment and revenue, business processes are an innate part of the organization.




Communications with customers, vendors and partners are an essential part of every business. A solid communications management strategy is a critical part of your company’s success. While every company has unique needs and challenges, OpenText has created results-based solutions to simplify the process of identifying and adopting the most effective communication package to meet your needs.



Ad Hoc Correspondence: Provides business users with web-based access to pre-approved templates to create and personalize business communications.

Collector: Enables documents stored in its short-term, ready reference repository to be viewed, recalled, or re-sent in a matter of seconds.

Composition Center: Hands-on creation of correspondence with control of content & application of business rules to selectively embed content into documents.

Correspondence Reviewer: Assures the quality of workflow-generated documents through an automated, web-based process that allows for review, modification, and approval or rejection of customer-bound correspondence.

ERP Connectivity Packs: Enables direct connection to the most popular ERP systems, including SAP®, Lawson and Infor.

Input Formats (AFPIN & PDFIN): Permits import of data from most common high-volume document formats (AFP and PDF)

Post Processing: Organizes documents to optimize production printing, collection, sorting, layout, and imposition. It bundles documents from asynchronous applications to optimize postal delivery, including applying OMR marks.

StoryTeller: Enables designers, rather than IT staff, to create highly capable document templates in familiar desktop publishing environments.

RFID: Creates customer-required barcodes or Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and labels.

Production Monitor: Monitors, optimizes and controls document production.



Our staff specializes in CCM solutions and can provide critical assistance ranging from strategic guidance on best-practices implementation of the OpenText Exstream/StreamServe architecture to operational expertise on specific modules.

Our services include:

    • Strategic solution analysis and design, including the establishment of platform standards, architectural standards, and governance of necessary roles and responsibilities for solution roll-out.
    • Creation of a blueprint for the setup and rollout of document automation for each type of implementation including batch, on-demand, and interactive.
    • Legacy conversions including migration of forms and business intelligence from former versions.
    • Creation of intelligent document templates with different complexity formulas and rules to improve efficiency and facilitate automation of the document-building process.
    • Setup and creation of multi-output channels (PDF, PS, AFP, fax, e-mail, etc.) including support for rules, banners, inserts, sorting and bundling.
    • Professional services aka. customization to your companies unique requirements.
    • Production support.
    • Knowledge transfer and product training
    • Maintenance and support
    • Location: onsite and remote

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