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OpenText StreamServe Services

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What is OpenText StreamServe?


OpenText StreamServe/ Communications Center Enterprise CCE (now OpenText Exstream) is an integral component of the Customer Experience Management (CEM) suite that OpenText offers to help organizations execute on comprehensive Enterprise Information Management strategies. CEM is a set of technologies that organizations can take advantage of to exceed customer expectations, reach new markets, and provide superior experiences across all digital channels.

Product support lifecycle: OpenText StreamServe 5.6.2 product support lifecycle ends on June 2020.
OpenText Exstream 16.6 is the latest supported version. Learn more.




Our Customers






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OpenText StreamServe 5.6.2 Extended Product Support Ends in June 2020
Learn about 3 Replacement Options

Learn more



Business Benefits


  • Engage more profitably with customers — Leverage personally relevant information at touch points ranging from one-on-one contact to high-volume, mass-produced documents.


  • Simplify and automate document execution and handlings — Streamline document-related business processes to lower cost and speed performance.


  • Empower users — Give business users hands-on control of the documents they need to run the business, and simultaneously relieve the demands on IT for change requests and support.


  • Improve the efficiency of business processes — Whether communicating with customers and suppliers, triggering internal processes, or facilitating payment and revenue, business processes are an innate part of the organization.







OpenText StreamServe comprises several major component areas:

Design Center: provides an independent environment for design and testing of projects and allows to configure how to connect to source applications; identify and extract input data; transform, format, process, and sort data; and deliver the output to the correct device (e.g., printer, fax, etc.).


Administrator: Enables simple and easy customizing of roles and permissions to protect against accidental or intentional misuse of critical data residing in documents. It also provides powerful tools for controlling document flow and access.

Customer Testimonial


“[…] Ecodocx has been a really good service provider and partner of ours for a long, long time. They constantly empower us to go out and benefit from all the latest features available. They always provide strong expertise, and great development and coding skills, which we don’t have in-house. This helps us to continue moving forward with our business improvements.”


Bojan Elez,

CCM and EOM Solution Architecture and Administration at Sysco



Upgrading from Communications Center Enterprise
& StreamServe to OpenText Exstream




OpenText StreamServe Services


We provide services for all versions of OpenText StreamServe (3.x, 4.x, 5.x 16.x). But before providing any type of services, we work with you to clarify objectives. We help you define which requirements you must meet including those around your scope, budget, and schedule. We explore multiple and agile ways to solve your problem and help you decide which solution is best.

Advisory and Consulting Services

Need some advice on your OpenText StreamServe? Do you have a concern, or would simply like to hear the feedback from a professional service provider? We offer advisory sessions as a yearly subscription service or a one-time service.


StreamServe Product Training

Our team provides general and custom training sessions for all versions of StreamServe, where we provide knowledge transfer, and share best practices. We also do OpenText crash courses for business and technical users and administrators. Your team can get training at your location, at our location in Boston MA, or remote during WebEx sessions.





Featured Success Stories



teknor apex company streamserve support service case study


Learn how Tekor Apex, a leading plastics manufacturing company, benefits from outsourcing OpenText StreamServe support and management services from Ecodocx LLC 



Ericsson, the leading billing solutions provider, has asked Ecodocx LLC to help implement and customize OpenText CCM solutions for all of their customers, including TIM Brasil, Digicel Jamaica.



Improved customer engagement and brand loyalty by replacing legacy systems, centralizing and speeding up the storage and retrieval of generated transaction documents.




Looking for a piece of advice on your OpenText StreamServe products?

Schedule a free of charge advisory and consulting session with one of Ecodocx’s experts


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