SAP Document Presentment Live

Meet the future of information management

SAP Document Presentment Live is an add-on on top of SAP Document Presentment that enables integration into SAP systems for on-demand document generation. As an SAP system user, SAP ERP or SAP CRM, you have customer interaction and the need to send out letters to your customers. With SAP Document Presentment Live, you can write a personalized letter or email to a customer; and you need not worry about the correct address and other business data, nor the layout and formatting or the printing. Depending on your system setup, you can either write that letter to a single contact person using Live Letters or to a group of recipients using Live Mail Merge. These features make it easy to send documents out to your customer and keep them organized and in order.

  • Seamlessly integrated into SAP CCM customer experience software and Interaction Center
  • Efficient document creation: real-time, template and rules based creation of documents and individual letters
  • Personalized and editable customer correspondence
  • Consist branding and corporate identity through centralized templates
  • Eliminate manual processes and use of Word templates
  • Leverage review and approval functionality, customer preferred delivery channels
  • Integration with enterprise multi-channel and printing for reliable and cost efficient distribution
  • Roles based access and security
  • Archive and Workspace integration ensure compliance and easy search and retrieval for all correspondence
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