SAP Vendor Invoice Management By Opentext

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Manual invoice processing can cause serious risks to your business. Information can be incomplete and inaccurate, tasks are time-consuming and wasteful, and solutions can be dispersed throughout your operation. This results in lengthy error-prone activities that leave you with poor visibility and open to exposure. You can reduce these risks and optimize your invoice management processes with the SAP® Invoice Management application by OpenText. Ecodocx can set you up with the ideal vendor invoice management software so that you can always prioritize the safety, efficiency and well being of your business.

  • AP process integration – Get a single, unified view of the process company-wide from purchase through payment to optimize timely operations and improve vendor relations.
  • Controlled financial processes – Classify, route, and sort invoices automatically, systematically detect invoice exceptions and duplications and help ensure that the right invoice reaches the right person at the right time.
  • Internal and external reporting – Automate reporting to support everything from corporate financial requirements to trade regulations to continuous improvement programs.
  • Compliance– Support your rigorous process to help ensure compliance based on integrated, consolidated information and enhanced reporting features.
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  • Optimize the accounts payable (AP) process by increasing visibility of invoice status.
  • Automate data entry using optical character recognition.
  • Reduce manual and inefficient paper-based invoice processes.
  • Targeted towards high volume, high complexity requirements.
  • Enhance vendor relations through on-time payments and a reduction of status inquiries.
  • Ensure accurate, timely reporting to internal and external entities.
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  • Increase productivity and revenue by minimizing manual processes through integration and automation
  • Improve cash management and shorten closing cycles by streamlining the payment process
  • Become a dependable business partner to your suppliers with shortened invoice-to-pay cycles and accurate, timely information
  • Take control of your business through an accurate picture of today’s invoice processing that can support your decisions for tomorrow’s opportunities
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