SAP Extended ECM

Meet the future of data management

SAP Extended ECM is a complete enterprise content management solution that is optimized to integrate deeply with your SAP landscape. With this application, any unstructured content of any sort can be managed throughout its lifecycle. More importantly, the content can be associated with any SAP transaction or object.

Because SAP extended ECM provides this crucial link between unstructured content and business suite applications, the value of an organization’s content drastically increases as it gains relevance, which is provided by the context of the business process that the content supports.

  • SAP ECM allows to eliminate the need for additional repositories and simplifies the IT landscape.
  • Great operational benefits: The company can control document versions, streamline collaboration, and archive or destroy content — all of which help to manage the volume of information and remove old and inaccurate information within production systems.
  • Easy accessibility across enterprise. The solution gives users with the correct access rights 360-degree visibility into transaction-related content.
  • The solution’s content management collaboration tools — such as shared workspaces, approval workflows, discussions, projects, tasks, forums, and notifications — enable collaboration across organizational silos.
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Utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing, and construction companies must track engineering documents, maintenance records, safety data, and facilities plans — all of which are unstructured content — as part of their compliance requirements.

Similarly, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies must keep records of patient files, clinical trials, and research data to ensure compliance and litigation preparedness. Let’s take a deeper look at one industry in particular — the professional services industry — to see how well-integrated content can help project and engagement managers bring value to their clients, even under increased cost pressure.

Every organization wants to extract maximum value from its processes and content. The SAP® Extended Enterprise Content Management application by OpenText helps you execute on that and more. The application helps you manage unstructured and structured content more effectively while facilitating collaboration and storing content to avoid redundancies, minimize information growth, and support regulatory compliance.

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Content management software – Link unstructured information, such as e-mails and photos, to structured transaction data.

  • Collaboration – Facilitate the developing, sharing, commenting on, and approving of any type of unstructured content.
  • Content access – Make relevant content readily available with Microsoft Office applications.
  • Easy accessibility across enterprise. The solution gives users with the correct access rights 360-degree visibility into transaction-related content.
  • Records management – Control the complete lifecycle of content with functionality certified by U.S. Department Defense directive 5015.2.
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Enhance decision making and processes by providing people with relevant content.

Enhance collaboration and increase communication with workspaces that centralize information and enable team members to work together efficiently.

Constrain the growth of content repositories and minimize IT complexity with a rationalized approach to content management.

Mitigate legal and regulatory risk by classifying and storing content in an orderly manner and making it accessible for compliance purposes.

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