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OpenText Data Archiving, Archiving and Document Access for SAP Solutions (also known as SAP Archiving and Document Access) are ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions designed for companies using the SAP applications like SAP ERP, SAP CRM, etc. SAP Archiving and Document Access (ADA) enables the archiving, management, and retrieval of all business documents from within the SAP infrastructure.

Documents are stored in a secure, unalterable form in the OpenText Archive Server. ADA integrates seamlessly into leading SAP applications of the SAP Business Suite and allows SAP users to access all documents regardless of time or where they are in the world. All employees have instant access to the same information, which makes customer communication management incredibly easy. Efficient, global business processes are now possible along with a consistent flow of information that integrates not only customers but also suppliers and other business partners.

An American utility company that provides electricity and natural gas to almost two million consumers

Replacing legacy invoice generation and archiving system, modernize business processes by implementing an integrated solution for the design, branding, distribution, archive, and retrievement of critical business documents, while reducing operational costs.

OpenText Document Presentment, OpenText Archiving and Document Access, OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management

The modernization of the company’s business processes allowed to centralize all document-related processes within all departments of the utility company. This allowed to reduce document management, maintenance and change costs by up to 65%, and document retrieval time up to 85%.

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  • OpenText Data Archiving for SAP Solutions allows customers to store data archiving files from standard SAP data archiving as well as SAP print lists securely on the Archive Server. It also supports the SAP NetWeaver ILM WebDAV interface.
  • OpenText Archiving for SAP Solutions enables companies to archive SAP related data and documents in a durable, unalterable, tamper-proof form in the Archive Server.
  • OpenText Document Access for SAP Solutions provides easy access to SAP data and documents in virtual folder views and document management capabilities directly within the leading SAP application.
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ADA uses the SAP ArchiveLink interface to manage and archive SAP ArchiveLink and SAP KPro (SAP Knowledge Provider) documents. With this interface, ADA can archive and manage documents from SAP applications as SAP ERP, CRM,PLM, SCM, SRM, HCM as well as SAP Industry Solutions as they are:

  • Incoming documents of all types (scanned paper documents, faxes, electronic documents of various formats, emails).
  • Outgoing documents (documents that were created in SAP application components, such as purchase orders, invoices, reminder letters, delivery notes).
  • Print lists (generated by SAP system reports).
  • SAP data archiving files (reorg files) via the ArchiveLink interface.
  • SAP NetWeaver ILM data files via the SAP ILM WebDAV interface.
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Archiving scenarios using the SAP workflow.

  • Archiving and processing.
  • Archiving and assignment.
  • Archiving for later processing.
  • Archiving for later assignment.
  • Manual archiving.
  • Assignment and archiving.
  • Archiving scenarios with integrated barcode technology.
  • Early archiving with barcode.
  • Late archiving with barcode.
  • Print list archiving.
  • Archiving of SAP data files.
  • Archiving & retention management of SAP ILM data files.
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ADA Consists of the Following Components:

  • DocuLink for SAP Solutions enables the archiving, management, and retrieval of all relevant external or internal SAP documents from within the SAP infrastructure.
  • ArchiveLink PLUS is a collection of advanced features for ArchiveLink documents that go beyond the standard capabilities of ArchiveLink, like additional attributes, enhanced attachment list and full text search.
  • Forms Management manages standard document templates (forms) used to format outgoing SAP documents. These documents can be displayed and printed together with their form templates.
  • Imaging Windows Viewer is a high performance application for displaying and editing documents in a Microsoft Windows environment.
  • Imaging Java Viewer is a Java client for displaying and editing documents for use in Internet and intranet scenarios.
  • Imaging Web Viewer is zero-installation server-based document viewer for displaying documents in Internet and intranet scenarios.
  • Imaging PDF Extensions enables the display of PDF documents for Imaging Windows Viewer and Imaging Web Viewer, including the capabilities to add and display notes and annotations.
  • Imaging DesktopScan is a component of the Imaging Windows Viewer. It is used to digitize, index, and archive paper documents.
  • Imaging Enterprise Scan is a high-performance scan client, which enables the digitization, indexing, and archiving of large quantities of paper documents.
  • Imaging DesktopLink is used to archive and link documents to SAP business objects from any ODMA (Open Document Management API) compatible desktop application.
  • Imaging NotesLink links archived Lotus Notes objects to SAP business objects.
  • Imaging ExchangeLink links archived Microsoft Exchange objects to SAP business objects.
  • Enterprise Library with Archive Server provides the document backbone for ADA and allows archiving of documents in a secure, unalterable and tamper-proof way. Cache Servers can be used to provide fast document access for remote locations that are connected with limited bandwidth to the Archive Server. The Timestamp Server can be used to create timestamps for the document upon archiving. 
  • COLD & Batch Input Pipelines is an interface that enables high-volume import of non-SAP documents. This is part of the Archive Server functionality.


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