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What is SAP Archiving and Document Access by OpenText?


A Single Point of Access to Business Documents  across SAP Processes and Applications


SAP Archiving and Document Access by OpenText (also known as SAP ADA, OpenText Archiving and Document Access for SAP Solutions) are Enterprise Content Management solutions designed for companies using the SAP applications like SAP ERP, SAP CRM, etc. SAP Archiving and Document Access (ADA) enables the archiving, management, and retrieval of all business documents from within the SAP infrastructure.

Documents are stored in a secure, unalterable form in the OpenText Archive Server. ADA integrates seamlessly into leading SAP applications of the SAP Business Suite and allows SAP users to access all documents regardless of time or where they are in the world. All employees have instant access to the same information, which makes customer communication management incredibly easy. Efficient, global business processes are now possible along with a consistent flow of information that integrates not only customers but also suppliers and other business partners.




Store, archive, and retrieve all types of documents – spreadsheets or e-mails, structured or unstructured, SAP or third-party – used in SAP processes and applications. OpenText Archiving and Document Access for SAP Solutions can help keep your data and documents access-ready – maximizing productivity and efficiency for a low TCO.

  • Secure, long-term storage of SAP and non-SAP data and business documents
  • Scanning, capture, and view of desktop documents, e-mails, notes, and annotations
  • Online or offline views of archived data in context across applications and processes
  • Ability to run with SAP S/4HANA® or SAP Business Suite software
  • Support for 15 languages covering more than 100 countries




ADA Supports all Standard SAP ArchiveLink Scenarios to Supporting the Typical Business Processes within an Organization:


  • Archiving and processing.
  • Archiving and assignment.
  • Archiving for later processing.
  • Archiving for later assignment.
  • Manual archiving.
  • Assignment and archiving.
  • Archiving scenarios with integrated barcode technology.
  • Early archiving with a barcode.
  • Late archiving with a barcode.
  • Print list archiving.
  • Archiving of SAP data files.
  • Archiving & retention management of SAP ILM data files.




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Our Customers





We Provide Services and Solutions based on

SAP Archiving & Document Access by OpenText 


We provide services for all versions and parts of SAP Archiving & Document Access by OpenText. But before providing any type of services, we work with you to clarify objectives. We help you define which requirements you must meet including those around your scope, budget, and schedule. We explore multiple and agile ways to solve your problem and help you decide which solution is best.


Advisory and Consulting Services

Need some advice on your existing or future SAP Archiving & Document Access by OpenText application? Do you have a concern, or would simply like to hear the feedback from a professional service provider? We offer advisory sessions as a yearly subscription service or one-time service. Learn more here.


OpenText Product Training

Our team provides general and custom training sessions for all versions of OpenText ECM, where we provide knowledge transfer, and share best practices. We also do OpenText crash courses for business and technical users and administrators. Your team can get training at your location, at our location in Boston MA, or remote during WebEx sessions. Learn more here.






Customer Success Stories




Replaced legacy systems, modernize business processes, and Improved customer engagement by implementing OpenText Archiving and Document Access for SAP, OpenText Document Presentment for SAP, OpenText Document Presentment Live for SAP.



Upgraded document generation, processing, and distribution systems to the latest supported version. Developed a new era’s truck driver self-service platform (so-called Driver Ready Pack).


teknor apex company streamserve support service case study


Helping a leading plastics manufacturing company to transform the lack of OpenText resources into cost-effective service proposal by providing system support and management services on a yearly basis.





Providing Added Value in Different Industries

  • Finance & Banking
    Our solutions streamline business processes of financial and banking institutions, such as external financial auditing, new client acquisition, loan processing, human resources, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. They help to stay regulatory compliant and increase security.


  • Healthcare
    By implementing our solutions to existing EMR systems, healthcare facilities can not only extend their capabilities but also provide faster and better patient care.
  • Energy & Utilities
    Our solutions help global energy and utilities to digitize operations, access mission-critical content in real-time, improve operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, minimize operational and financial risk, and improve bottom-line profitability.


  • Insurance
    Solutions provided by Ecodocx help to automate manual processes, enhance client service, minimize time spent processing claims, be more responsive to policyholders, and real-time access to forms, claims, EOBs, invoices, reports, charts and medical images, and more can enable more informed patient care and better healthcare decisions.



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