Solutions for Healthcare

Digitize output management to lower IT costs,
improve document management processes and
help deliver smarter & faster patient care.

“Time matters” especially in healthcare facilities, which mainly focus on providing help to patients and speed up their healing process. In order to be able to offer the best services in the shortest manner of time, hospitals and other healthcare institutions require instant access to medical records, test results and other clinical documents. Document solutions for healthcare provided by Ecodocx build a trusted tool for document related working steps. They bring the digital workflow into the daily routine of medical staff, allowing to send and receive critical information when and how they need it, securely save important data and easily retrieve information when you need it.

The statistics show that even after implementing electronic records systems, daily tasks, such as collaboration with suppliers, government agencies and partners, still require communication through finished documents (e.g. email attachment, fax). Unfortunately, printing and faxing related problems happen too often and distract medical personnel from critical work tasks.

Unlike any other market product, solutions for healthcare provided by Ecodocx had no system outage in the past 5 years at any of the existing 4000+ installations. These practical and custom tailored solutions allow to make the process of information, communication and output management flexible, fast, reliable and cost-effective.

Using complicated output infrastructure can be often frustrating, ineffective, time consuming and expensive. According to latest research, up to 50% of calls to help desk are related to printing and faxing problems. Most likely your IT staff is trying to make everything work by doing it’s best to meet the high expectations using old technology.

Would you simplify your output infrastructure and reduce costs if you could? Here is how we can help:

  • Make the document related work steps structured and standardized by providing easy to use tools for everyday document related tasks.
  • Simplify document management so your workers have fewer issues. Improve up-time and queue management across the whole institution
  • Streamline document creation and delivery workflows by creating document approval, user access, post processing, sorting & bundling processes.
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There is a wide range of document and information management solutions on the market, but the challenge is finding the one solution which will offer a fast performance and reliable architecture, effectively reduce manual steps, empower company departments to work more efficient while reducing the demand on the IT staff, create a digital workspace for your employees, which they can access anytime and anywhere, while controlling the user access degree and document approval system.

And last but not least, this solution needs to offer a wide platform ( e.g. Windows, Linux, CentOS, IBMI, AS/400, AIX) and database (e.g. ERP, CRM, home grown) support, without making any changes to existing business systems.

At Ecodocx, we specialize in these areas and develop efficient and customized solutions, which help our customers to streamline their business processes and not only help to reduce document generation and customer communications costs, but also engages customers loyalty.

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Most of the healthcare companies have a very complex infrastructure of business technologies. Legacy systems often build the biggest problem in the innovation process of most healthcare institutions. Fact is, using old software technologies can be often frustrating, ineffective, time consuming and expensive.

IT Departments in the healthcare industry are struggling to meet the growing expectations of their patients while using legacy tools.

Often the employees are so busy trying to make everything work, that they don’t even take a minute to hear out experts which are just trying to tell them that there are already solutions which can not only solve all of their problems, but also raise effectiveness at work with a fast return on investments.

Ecodocx’s solutions can be integrated into your existing system landscape without making any changes to existing systems. This way you can use existing patients data to create highly professional, personalized and interactive customer correspondence to engage existing customers loyalty.

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Ecodocx healthcare solutions are a combination of information, product and service delivery, including installations, customization, support, knowledge transfer, training, and software maintenance. We help to optimize the way your organization creates, modifies, manages, shares, distributes, and processes critical information on a daily basis. We offer professional support and maintenance services:

  • Location
    Ecodocx team of experts has a lot of experience in delivering on-site and remote services to our customers.
  • Knowledge transfer
    We offer onsite/remote training on developed solutions, product training, webinars on specific product areas and functionality.
  • Excellent Support Service
    No email or call from our customers goes unanswered. Our dedicated expert team is here to support and maintain your document generation process during the implementation phase and after the go-live date.
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