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“Ecodocx” stands for “economical documents”. We help companies around the globe to reduce document generation costs by successfully digitizing their manual business communications management processes. We run a business analysis with each customer. This helps us to offer a tailored solution for each individual work process of every department of the company. We cooperate, help and support our customers even after all processes have been tested, all employees have been trained and all systems have gone live.

Ecodocx became Eclipse Corporation Partner to better serve the needs of companies in Customer Communications and Output Management.

About Eclipse Corporation:

Eclipse Corporation is a provider of enterprise document generation solutions for banking, insurance, government, manufacturing and telco applications.

With 4000+ installations worldwide, Eclipse Corporation’s DocOrigin is leading solution for generating professional, dynamic, high-fidelity business documents.

DocOrigin product suit proves it’s reliability, flexibility, security and power, delivering professional documents faster than any other market solution with no system outage in the past 5 years at any existing customer.

Eclipse Corporation’s DocOrigin provides an Oracle validated Integration and rapid migration from legacy systems and helps to reduce the time required to design dynamic, data-driven forms, documents, checks and labels.

About Oracle:

Multinational computer technology corporation specializes primarily in developing and marketing database software and technology, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products.

Ecodocx joined a technical partnership with dydocon, a consulting and development company located in DACH region, to be able to serve better customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

About dydocon:

Software Consulting in Output Management Projects Creating high-volume customer correspondence: Processing, workflow management, authorization systems, archiving.

Programming, system optimization, project management – we support your output management projects, from planning to production

Ecodocx, trusted developer and leading provider of CCM and ECM solutions, reseller and integrator of Archive Optimizer Software, which helps customers to reduce archiving storage up to 97%.

About ASoftware:

An innovative software company ASoftware has been founded by Industry experts, with extensive knowledge in the CCM and ECM space.

ASoftware provides innovative software solutions for the High Volume Document Enterprise Market.

Ecodocx teamed up with Verbella CMG LLC to provide SAP customers with tools to offer a wide variety of Solutions for SAP document intensive processes and maximize their business processes.

About Verbella CMG LLC

US-based company that offers a wide variety of SAP® Content Management Solutions designed to maximize your SAP business processes. In addition we offer Solutions based upon SharePoint and FileNet for both SAP and Non-SAP applications such as the Verbella Mailroom Automation Solution.

The Ecodocx team of experts is built from industry professionals with 10+ years of work experience and certified OpenText Customer Communications Management and Enterprise Content Management certified developers.

About OpenText:

Canadian company that develops and sells enterprise information management (EIM) software.

Founded in 2009 by Tien-Tien Lai, Ecodocx is the first consulting and development firm to offer full, interconnected Customer Communications Management software, Enterprise Content Management and SAP Ecosystem solutions.

Tien-Tien began her journey at Bowdoin College in Maine, where she received her undergraduate degree in computer science. She began working as a consultant for StreamServe in Burlington, MA, where she sharpened her skills in customer communications management development. StreamServe is also where Tien-Tien met her eventual COO, Oleksandr Matichyn, a fellow developer and consultant working in Lviv, Ukraine.

Tien-Tien’s experience at StreamServe helped her realize the need for a tech firm that specialized in delivering full CCM and ECM software solutions without the complications of extensive consulting work— solutions that connected multiple processes together into one unified, user-friendly system. So in 2009, Tien-Tien left StreamServe and started Ecodocx.

By leveraging a small team of talented specialists, Tien-Tien was able to offer reasonable rates to clients who needed to refine their customer and content management systems. But as her company grew she realized that she needed help to keep up her commitment to creating the best solutions at the most reasonable rate possible. Remembering the technical skill and professionalism that Oleksandr displayed at StreamServe, Tien-Tien knew that if anybody could deliver the types of products and services she had envisioned, it would be him. Oleksandr joined Tien-Tien at Ecodocx in 2012. Together they assembled an all-star team of creative management system developers, which allowed Ecodocx to service larger clients in various verticals all over the world.

Ecodocx’s portfolio of satisfied clients has grown rapidly in the past three years. Whether we’re creating middleware that enhances customer communication for banks in Europe and India or telecom firms in North America, Ecodocx always leaves a lasting impression for developing clean, practical management systems.

The work Ecodocx has done thus far has been described as “invaluable” by several large enterprises, and it is truly one of the best investments that a business could make. Now that Ecodocx is beginning to create their own products, many of the companies they’ve serviced have already expressed that they would happily adopt whatever new systems Ecodocx creates (which they would, of course, tweak to their clients’ specific needs). Discover what years of experience in creative management system developments can do for your company.

In 2015 Ecodocx joined forces with Eclipse Corp. As result, the company started to focus on the industry-leading document generation and delivery solution named DocOrigin. This accurate and reliable output management solution was created by former Adobe Central Output Server and Jetform developer. Subsequently, our team of industry experts started to help different-sized companies by offering a suite of customer communications management solutions, which are interconnected and provide customers with all needed functionality to manage their communication with customers, partners, and vendors at a professional level.

If you’re interested in seeing what Ecodocx can set up for your business, reach out to us today and allow for us to break down the process and help find the perfect streamline of software and service for your business.