Document generation & delivery solutions for all business systems

Unsurpassed experience and versatility
in multiple industries and ecosystems

All of our consultants are highly capable custom development experts. Instead of segregating our staff members to each specialize in different areas of a system, we require that each of our system architects have a complete understanding of all languages, ecosystems, softwares and middlewares so that any one of our team members can configure an entire management system by themselves. By working this way, Ecodocx can ensure we deliver the most streamlined solution at the most reasonable cost.

Our team at Ecodocx has experience in multiple verticals. We provide document generation and delivery solution named DocOrigin, which can be integrated into different market leading, homegrown and even legacy business applications.

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The DocOrigin Suite for SAP provides accurate, secure and entirely transparent document and information distribution from SAP for all users. With a seamless integration, we make it possible for you to connect to multiple supported print and digital channels so that you are equipped for any form of correspondence.

With DocOrigin, you can transact all of your printing and printing-related SAP processes using a single system and can also enjoy integrated advantages such as document preparation (stamping, barcodes, graphics, tables), form management, document approval, smart on demand and batch document creation and much more.

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DocOrigin Suite for QAD is a flexible solution that enables employees to create, edit, approve, manage and deliver regulatory compliant, professional and customized manufacturing, warehouse and logistics related business documents across multiple supported print and digital channels, with minimal reliance upon IT staff. 

Leading manufacturing companies already benefit from integrating DocOrigin with their existing QAD system to extend its capabilities. This strong combination improves the organization’s efficiency and reduces document related business costs dramatically.

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DocOrigin is Oracle certified under the Oracle Partner Certified Software Partner program to provide output management to Oracle and former JD Edwards users. This tailored output solution provides document formatting capabilities to handle the unique PDF output that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2, Oracle Database 12c, Oracle WebLogic Server 12c applications generate.

DocOrigin and it’s modules integrate directly with the PDF output from these systems with no application changes required. Document formatting and delivery capabilities can be improved without any disruption to Oracle processes, retaining important application features like fully-functional drill-down links.

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For every company that uses an ERP, CRM, WMS, PLC, legacy, and homegrown business system and that would like to optimize its document generation, output and delivery management processes, DocOrigin provides many valuable advantages which make day-to-day business considerably easier.

  • Сonvenience: one designer for all document, form and label templates
  • Speed: fast document generation in batch-mood (30,000 pages per minute) and manual mode (less than 1 minute), without slowing down other leading systems
  • Adaptability: suits business requirements – high or low volume
  • Reliability: no production outage in the last 6 years in any of 4000+ installations
  • Flexibility:  easily create any template with convenient preview. Enhance your layout easily with dynamic messages, page overlay, lines, boxes, fields, and checkboxes, barcodes, complex tables, charts and images
  • Integration: tight integrations with business applications, like ERP, CRM, WMS, PLM, logistics and other systems. to fit business process
  • Efficienсy: maximal use of resources, e.g. human and equipment
  • Compliance: ability to: approve document templates, lockdown regulatory language within document templates, meet regulatory requirements (e.g. GDPR)
  • ROI: achieved in 12 to 24 months
  • Industry Recognition: Fortune 200 companies trust DocOrigin
  • Omnichannel Distribution: print, fax, email, SMS, portal and more
  • Process Automation: automated sorting and bundling of generated but not yet delivered documents
  • Personalization:  possibility to add targeted messages automatically
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