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Telecommunication & media companies are constantly facing many challenges adapting to higher user expectations and a rapidly changing technology environment. They need to invest in infrastructure over the long term while operating that infrastructure according to short term consumption demands. Leading telecom and media provider understand that meeting or exceeding customer service and cost expectations, or providing “reasonable levels of service at a fair price”, will always be a priority.

The telecom & media industries are one of the most dynamic, modern and innovative sectors. The rapid development and marketing of innovative products and services as well as a rising cost pressure are essential drivers for the company-wide integration of information as well as for communication with customers via any output channels.

Benefits of using solutions for telecom and media
provided by Ecodocx

Digital and paper customer correspondence

Professional customer correspondence every time guaranteed by document approval system

Electronic contract signing with new customers, partners and vendors

SMS and messenger notifications via smartphone and tablet

Reduce demand on IT staff by working with user friendly document management solutions

Digital workflow for collaboration: Combine all document related work processes in one place.

Interactive and dynamic documents

Drive up- and cross-selling by engaging customers and building brand loyalty

Customer communication, document management and accessibility made easy with DocOrigin

Ecodocx LLC is a trusted leader of digital solutions, which help companies around the world to streamline document related work processes, make it easier than ever to get the maximum profit from your strategic investments.

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Today’s customers often feel overwhelmed with too much redundant information. Successful telecom and media provider know, that their customers want to be understood, protected and appreciated by their service provider.

Everyday documents, such as bills and notices are a perfect example of documents customers read on a regular base. Unlike direct marketing, which is opened by under 10% of recipients, these transactional documents are opened by 95%. They are a trusted information channel and should be used to engage existing customers loyalty. Because valuable customers will remain loyal for many years and most likely they’ll purchase additional products when the time will be right.

The idea of placing messages within transactional documents isn’t new, but we can help to make this process intelligent, relevant, personalized, targeted and allows to access customers while merging two different messages in an efficient way.

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Telecom and media companies have a very complex infrastructure of business technologies. Legacy systems often build the biggest problem in the innovation process of most utilities. Fact is, using old software technologies can be often frustrating, ineffective, time consuming and expensive.

IT Departments are struggling to meet the growing expectations of their company’s customers while using legacy tools.

Often the employees are so busy trying to make everything work, that they don’t even take a minute to hear out experts who are just trying to tell them that there are already solutions which can not only solve all of their problems, but also raise effectiveness at work with a fast return on investments.

Ecodocx’s solutions can be integrated into your existing system landscape without making any changes to existing systems. This way you can use existing customers data to create highly professional, personalized and interactive customer correspondence to engage existing customers loyalty.

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In a world where market competition regularly claims a company to become an industry leader, it is often difficult to stand out from the gray masses and build a corporate identity. Difficult, but not impossible. At Ecodocx, we know that the way leading media providers manage communications with individual customers can positively differentiate them from competitors and provide a vital source of efficiencies.

The choice of the right technologie becomes a crucial point in the digitization process, which should not be underestimated. This is why companies seek professional help from trusted experts, which have enough experience in this field and are able to implement the necessary information and correspondence management system.

At Ecodocx, we specialize in these areas and create strong and secure software architecture and tailor-made solutions for each of our customers. Only the right concept of industry knowledge and technology will reduce operating costs, increase revenues and improve customer experience.

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