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Our experience of SAP Business Suite and SAP BW helps customers to exploit and enhance their SAP landscape to deliver greater business benefit and significant competitive advantage. Our database analysis provides a report on your behalf, which outlines which data needs to be taken to HANA, and which moved onto an alternative low-cost storage (remaining accessible). The report also shows which data can be removed completely and what size HANA hardware is recommended.

SAP Database Optimization – Value to Customer:

  • Less data, quicker migration (vital in 24/7 environments)
  • Significant reduction of project costs
  • Smaller HANA appliance requirements across SAP Landscape (Production, QA, Testing, DR, Dev)
  • On-going data management reduces TCO across HANA appliances (Production, Dev, QA, Testing, DR)
  • Archived data is still available for Analysis and Auditing in HANA when required
  • Smaller HANA appliance requirements with longer appliance life-cycle (with ongoing data management)
  • Improved compliance and legislation with data retention in place
  • Data Assessment giving a report on what can go to HANA now and what can be migrated with a data management strategy in place. (Assessments available for ERP, CRM, SRM & BW)
  • Provide a strategy and solution for minimal data growth over the next years


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