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One software for all manufacturing, warehousing and logistics documents,
forms & labels

Manufacturers depend on professional document generation and delivery solutions to ensure high availability printing and uninterrupted factory floor operations. Manufacturers cannot afford to stop production because barcodes or parts lists won’t print, because the output management module of their business system slows down the leading system at peak times, or because EDI instructions didn’t get delivered to the appropriate supplier. DocOrigin output management solutions ensure high availability of output with features like automatic failover, load balancing, and smart output delivery.

When problems do arise, DocOrigin provides IT administrators a single point of control over all document generation jobs regardless of their destination and all devices regardless of their location. With DocOrigin, IT staff can quickly restart or reprint a job without having to travel to a remote factory or enter a clean-room facility. To find out how DocOrigin can ensure uninterrupted output in your manufacturing operations, contact us for a free demo today.

Benefits of using solutions for
manufacturing and engineering companies provided by Ecodocx

Omnichannel digital and paper document delivery

Professional production documents and reports every time guaranteed by document approval system

Electronic contract signing with new customers, partners, and vendors

SMS and messenger notifications via smartphone and tablet

Reduce demand on IT staff by working with user-friendly document management solutions

Digital workflow for collaboration: Combine all document related work processes in one place.

Interactive and dynamic documents

Drive up- and cross-selling by engaging customers and building brand loyalty


One software for all manufacturing, warehousing and logistics documents, forms & labels


Recommended for manufacturing and engineering companies


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  • Сonvenience: one designer for all document, form and label templates
  • Speed: fast document generation in batch-mood (30,000 pages per minute) and manual mode (less than 1 minute), without slowing down other leading systems
  • Adaptability: suits business requirements – high or low volume
  • Reliability: no production outage in the last 6 years in any of 4000+ installations
  • Flexibility:  easily create any template with convenient preview. Enhance your layout easily with dynamic messages, page overlay, lines, boxes, fields, and checkboxes, barcodes, complex tables, charts and images
  • Integration: tight integrations with other business applications, like ERP, CRM, WMS, PLM, logistics and other systems. to fit business process
  • Efficienсy: maximal use of resources, e.g. human and equipment
  • Compliance: ability to: approve document templates, lockdown regulatory language within document templates
  • ROI: achieved in 12 to 24 months
  • Industry Recognition: core client base in manufacturing and logistics
  • Process Automation: automated sorting and bundling of generated but not yet delivered documents
  • Personalization:  possibility to add targeted messages automatically
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A world leader in the field of polymer chemistry. 

Reducing operational costs and ensuring regulatory compliance while replacing legacy output system, providing end-to-end operational flow: from the creation of electronic document templates, and the production of individual or batch documents, through multiple distribution channels and they’re archiving in the company’s repository.

DocOrigin Suite for QAD optimized document production speed, internationalization (language and currency) and the multichannel delivery of documents in formats including pdf, HTML, fax, e-mail, and printing.

DocOrigin provided significant savings in software licensing plus additional cuts in document management and maintenance costs by about 50% in relation to the closest alternative proposition. A total return on investments was achieved in less than 18 months.

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