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Document Vault

A simple & comprehensive way to
store & search documents

Document Vault (DocVault) is economical and easy to use way to store and search documents. This solution includes a wide range of features that will save your team time and money. Document Vault integrates with DocOrigin and Business Communications Center and allows business users to insert documents from scanned folders or any other generic format. From there, each document is automatically indexed and can be found anytime by using either simple keywords or a complex syntax search. DocVault also includes a graphical reporting tool that generates charts based on metadata from stored documents. These charts are easy to read and can be configured and shared by business users.

Ecodocx used it’s 10+ years of working experience to diligently built Document Vault so that it would be:

  • Simple to install and administer across an entire network
  • Easy to learn how to access the information you need
  • Secure with access permissions on repository level
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  • Full text search of document content using standard search syntax
  • Metadata search either through specific values or keyword search across all metadata
  • Business data mining to produce charts of your business data contained in the archive
  • Add annotations that immediately are searchable using free text search
  • Batch export of documents into a zip file based on a search
  • Fully CMIS compliant – add documents to any DocVault repository using the new standard for Content Management Interoperability
  • Administrator’s dashboard to monitor the performance of the application (data throughput, number of documents, disk space etc.)
  • Easy administration of each repository including charts for archiving activity
  • Choice of file or database storage
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