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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions play a key role in how businesses innovate and grow. ECM solutions organize important information that gives CIOs an invaluable resource to archive, search, and access the ever-growing wealth of information within the content a business creates and receives. Documents and records of all kinds, from emails to contracts & engineering plans, can be captured and sifted through; Important details laying in enormous amounts of information can now be utilized by companies who wish to adapt and compete in the growing information economy.

If you are interested in finally finding a way that you can manage all of the documents and information that you receive in your office, our Enterprise Document Management solutions are exactly what you need. This process makes the management of all your documents incredible easy and will only enhance the ability with which you’re able to find documents and store them.

Ecodocx’s solutions make it easy to control document related work processes and collaborate with colleagues and partners using everyday tools like email, phone, sms, fax, internet. As trusted innovators in document digitization, Ecodocx knows better than anyone else which little things make a difference to companies in different industries.

We at Ecodocx use our more than 10 years of experience to effectively guide you through the digitization steps. Our technologies are developed to help you address your everyday challenges, streamline work steps, automate document generation, editing, approving, control, sorting and bundling, post processing, output and delivery, storage.

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At some point, every company needs to regulate access to specific business processes. The permission model ensures that employee can access the content they need for work, but also restricts access to the content they don’t work with (e.g. marketing team only sees marketing materials, and has no access to finance or legal documents). Managing the permissions structure at a business is extremely important.

Ecodocx helps to define access level based on the roles of users and user groups. In this context, access is the ability of an individual user to perform a specific tasks, such as edit other user permissions, view, create, modify, reserve or delete a file (or file version), edit or delete file attributes etc.

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  • Ecodocx team of experts has a lot of experience on delivering on-site and remote services to our customers.

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  • We offer onsite/remote trainings on developed solutions, product training, webinars on specific product areas and functionality.

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  • No email, or call from our customers goes unanswered. Our dedicated expert team is here to support and maintain your document generation process while the implementation phase and after the go-live date.
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