DocOrigin Suite for QAD

One software for all manufacturing, warehousing
and logistics documents, forms & labels

DocOrigin Suite for QAD is a flexible solution that enables employees to create, edit, approve, manage and deliver regulatory compliant, professional and customized manufacturing, warehouse and logistics related business documents across multiple supported print and digital channels, with minimal reliance upon IT staff. Leading manufacturing companies already benefit from integrating DocOrigin with their existing QAD system to extend its capabilities. This strong combination improves the organization’s efficiency and reduces document related business costs dramatically.

Flexible and effective solution for:

Any industry

Automotive, Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, High Tech, Chemicals, Industrial, Life Science

Any document type

Production reports, invoices, shipping orders, notes, statements, packing slips, and many more.

Any platform

OS: Windows, Linux, CentOS, AIX, AS/400, IBM I; and ecosystem: QAD, SAP, Oracle JD Edwards, Infor M3, homegrown

Any delivery channel

E-mail, pdf-attachment, fax, sms, customer portal, paper document, web page, messenger, and download

About the customer: Leader in the field of polymer chemistry with over 100 facilities operating in 20 countries for more than 90 years. The company produces a broad range of products for a variety of industries including automotive, information and telecommunications, healthcare, cosmetics, industrial materials and housing.

Initial situation: The chemical company recognized that their legacy document system (Jetform) was no longer being supported and the division needed a more modern and efficient solution to manage delivery and printing of large amounts of packing slips, pick tickets, restricted article forms, invoices, bills, certificates of analysis, material safety data sheets and more. In addition, they were looking for more current presentation and delivery methods that would meet their future mobile and IOT strategies.

Solution: DocOrigin optimized both document production with internationalization (language and currency) and the multichannel delivery of documents in formats including pdf, html, fax, e-mail and printing.

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DocOrigin can open Jetform/ Adobe Central Pro Output Server templates directly and save them as DocOrigin document template files. Single-page and multi-page static forms migrate easily and accurately. The template conversion takes just seconds.

The migration and conversion tools provided for JetForm or Adobe Central templates and data helped existing customers to reduce their design and quality assurance time by about 70%.

Manual adjustment of the automated conversion results may be required and will vary based on the complexity of the original form.


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Business Communications Center

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