Document Generation
& Delivery for Oracle

One software for all business documents, forms & labels

DocOrigin is Oracle certified under the Oracle Partner Certified Software Partner program to provide output management to Oracle and former JD Edwards users. This tailored output solution provides document formatting capabilities to handle the unique PDF output that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2, Oracle Database 12c, Oracle WebLogic Server 12c applications generate. DocOrigin and it’s modules integrate directly with the PDF output from these systems with no application changes required. Document formatting and delivery capabilities can be improved without any disruption to Oracle processes, retaining important application features like fully-functional drill-down links.


Flexible and effective solution for:

Any industry

Finance, Retail, Utilities, Automotive, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, High Tech, Chemicals, Industrial, Life Science

Any document type

Reports, invoices, shipping orders, notes, statements, packing slips, and many more.

Any platform

OS: Windows, Linux, CentOS, AIX, AS/400, IBM I; and ecosystem: QAD, SAP, Oracle JD Edwards, Infor M3, homegrown, legacy

Any delivery channel

E-mail, pdf-attachment, fax, sms, customer portal, paper document, web page, messenger, and download

For every company that uses Oracle as one of its business systems and that would like to optimize its document generation,  output and delivery management processes, DocOrigin suite for Oracle provides many valuable advantages which make day-to-day business considerably easier.

  • Сonvenience: one designer for all document, form and label templates
  • Speed: fast document generation in batch-mood (30,000 pages per minute) and manual mode (less than 1 minute), without slowing down other leading systems
  • Adaptability: suits business requirements – high or low volume
  • Reliability: no production outage in the last 6 years in any of 4000+ installations
  • Flexibility:  easily create any template with convenient preview. Enhance your layout easily with dynamic messages, page overlay, lines, boxes, fields, and checkboxes, barcodes, complex tables, charts and images
  • Integration: tight integrations with the Oracle application and other business applications, like ERP, CRM, WMS, PLM, logistics and other systems. to fit business process
  • Efficienсy: maximal use of resources, e.g. human and equipment
  • Compliance: ability to: approve document templates, lockdown regulatory language within document templates
  • ROI: achieved in 12 to 24 months
  • Industry Recognition: Fortune 200 companies trust DocOrigin
  • Omnichannel Distribution: print, fax, email, SMS, HTML, portal and more
  • Process Automation: automated sorting and bundling of generated but not yet delivered documents
  • Personalization:  possibility to add targeted messages automatically
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Healthcare product unit of a global healthcare services and information technology company, dedicated to offer medical supplies, healthcare solutions, distribution services and clinical resources.


The company’s continuous and rapid expansion of distributed medical products and provided services led to high labor costs, long document preparation and distribution time, and accuracy issues.


DocOrigin optimized document production speed, accuracy, logic and the automated multichannel delivery of documents in formats including pdf, HTML, fax, e-mail, and printing.


DocOrigin speeded up critical document generation and modification time by about 80%. The solution provided significant savings in software licensing and maintenance. A total return on investments was achieved in less than 12 months.

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Open existing PDF forms in DocOrigin. If you are using Adobe LiveCycle, JetForm Central, or other aging legacy form software, DocOrigin makes it easy and fast to modernize your forms.

  • Step 1. Open your existing template in DocOrigin software.
  • Step 2. Drag and drop fields from EnterpriseOne XML into the template in minutes.
  • Step 3. Use Design software to enhance the presentation of your form.
  • Step 4. Click the preview button to see your completed form and data in PDF or HTML5 or click merge to test with your label, form or check with your printer.


Many fortune 200 companies already benefit from the rapid forms migration, that saved them 60 to 95% of the time typically required to design a form or complex document.

Would you like to see how DocOrigin can generate your document templates? Simply, send us one document example and we will demonstrate it for you at no cost.

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Business Communications Center

Combine transactional documents (invoices, statements, shipping orders) with targeted, personalized messages (marketing ads, coupons, notices) improving customer engagement levels.

Dynamic Business Documents

Create business documents on demand by combining pre-approved document templates and data from your customer database, improving brand integrity.

Enterprise Document Center

Digital workspace for managing document generation processes, user access control, document approval, document post-processing, sorting and bundling.