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Enterprise Document Center

Take your efficiency to the next level

Document creation related work processes become
intelligent, structured and controlled.

Enterprise Document Center (EDC) is an effective digital document generation workflow solution pack for DocOrigin (from the creators of Adobe Central, Jetform) that enables: user access level control, anytime and any place accessibility, document approval workflow, email notification about upcoming tasks, document post-processing, sorting and bundling. It was created for any sized business who want to streamline their document generation related work processes, digitize manual work steps and create customized digital workplaces for the whole company, or a single department.

Flexible and effective solution for:

Any industry

Insurance, Utility, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Healthcare and other

Any document type

Letters, invoices, shipping orders, notes, statements, newsletters, packing slips and more.

Any platform

OS: Windows, Linux, CentOS, AIX, AS/400, IBM I; and ecosystem : SAP, Oracle JD Edwards, Infor M3, homegrown

Any delivery channel

E-mail, pdf-attachment, fax, sms, customer portal, paper document, web page, messenger and download

Enterprise Document Center was created for companies from different industries. Document automation can help every part of every organisation, regardless of business branch or function. You can use this solution pack to automate bills, statements or other documents generated on a regular base at high volumes. The suite will improve your customer related documents.

The content will be approved and up-to-date every time. Where it’s important, you can keep control of your brand and standardize terminology. This solution pack allows you to produce documents in many languages, with location-specific content like language, currency, document structure specified by local legal regulations. If you serve global markets, you can ensure consistency everywhere you operate.

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How often do your customers get confused because of errors on their bills, or confusing information? How often do they call your customer line to ask questions about their bills? All this confusing moments cost your company money, because confusing bills are payed later and call centers still need to be payed. The less your customers get confused, the less money your company needs to spend.

There are situations where document components (templates and forms) should not be published until they have been previewed, checked and approved. The Enterprise Document Center document review component supports the required approval process for pre-publication validation of these document templates, forms by allowing you to specify a group of users as document approvers.

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At some point, every company needs to regulate access to document generation resources based on the roles of users and user groups. In this context, access is the ability of an individual user to perform a specific task, such as view, create, or modify a file. Roles are defined according to job competency, authority and responsibility within the company.

Enterprise Document Center allows to create users with different access degree. The most powerful user in this case is the admin. He/she is able to create and edit users and user groups, assign user roles and job categories access (for example different document categories) and functionality (preview, edit, approve, reject, assign document generation and related jobs).

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Last minute changes to generated but not yet outputted documents, sort and bundle processed documents by different criteria (e.g. creation date, document status, bill number, type, amount, customer id) into envelopes, according to any variable specified during the document generation process.

You can send the documents to different mailing machines depending on the maximum number of sheets per envelope that each machine can handle. This enables you to optimize the number of sheets in each envelope based on postal fees and other distribution costs. You can insert extra pages, and split output data depending on specific criteria, for example postal codes.

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Business Benefits

All-In-One Document Generation Workflow For Your Entire Team

Easy to start

Whether you are a small, middle or enterprise businesses, getting setup with Enterprise Document Center is fast and easy. Stop wasting time creating documents manually. Get started with Enterprise Document Center today and enjoy a fast return of invested capital.


With our solutions you are no longer confined to the office. Your employees can access this solution pack from any location,at any time and from any device (tablet, desktop, laptop). With this solution project delays, open questions, approval delays, or even unapproved actions are a thing of the past.

Email notification

Enterprise Document Center can be configured to send specific users an email when documents requiring their approval are created or modified by the assigned users. When a document reviewer opens Enterprise Document Center, they are presented with an alert about the documents awaiting their attention for review. Depending on company’s configuration, one or more of the users must review the document before it can be published, which allows to reduce document optimization costs up to 30%.

Save time & money

Ecodocx’s CCM solutions help your company to get more by investing less. Our solutions are not only easy to use and create highly professional documents all the time, they also help you to reduce document generation, editing, and delivery costs. Documents created with our solutions are user friendly and help to reduce customer recall rate. Bills generated with our solutions reduce late bill payments from your customers.