Professional document generation & delivery

Omnichannel delivery of personalized,
highly professional documents
anytime and anywhere.

DocOrigin (from the creators of Adobe Central Pro Output Server, Jetform) is an innovative and reliable solution for creating, managing, editing and delivering professional business communication in any format across multiple communication channels. With 4000+ installations worldwide, DocOrigin proves its reliability, flexibility, security and power by delivering needed documents to recipients faster than any other solution with no outages at any of our existing customers over the last 5 years.

Flexible and effective solution for:

Any industry

Insurance, Utility, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, and others.

Any document type

Letters, invoices, shipping orders, notes, statements, newsletters, packing slips, and many more.

Any platform

OS: Windows, Linux, CentOS, AIX, AS/400, IBM I; and ecosystem : SAP, Oracle JD Edwards, Infor M3, homegrown

Any delivery channel

E-mail, pdf-attachment, fax, sms, customer portal, paper document, web page, messenger, and download

As the creators of this solution are the same people who developed Adobe Central Pro Output Server/JetForm products, our software solutions meet, perhaps better than anything else on the market, the complexities of your document output needs. The history and expertise has resulted in a comprehensive set of migration tools and strategies aimed at providing replacement technology for your implementation.

One of the biggest challenges for many customers is the process of migrating from “old” to “new”. We help companies to manage that challenge step by step. You can have your current system and DocOrigin both running productively, and once all your templates are migrated, you can “pull the plug” on the old system.

DocOrigin also builds a perfect solution for middle and enterprise-sized companies who’s data is generated by older legacy systems, such as Adobe Central Pro Output Server, Jetform, Create!Form, DocPath, Bottomline, FormScape, Optio, PDF Wizar.

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DocOrigin helps to automate the document generation process. It allows you to create and use a customized library with pre-approved document templates. This speeds up the mass document delivery and saves the company’s brand integrity by using the same document templates for all delivery channels.

This solution allows to produce documents and forms in electronic format using information from any business system and seamlessly integrates with all ERP, CRM and other databases.

This speeds up the mass document delivery and saves the company’s brand integrity by using the same document templates for all delivery channels.

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DocOrigin helps companies to reduce up to 30% of document generation costs and up to 50% of documents change costs. The document optimization allows to reduce customer recall rate up to 30%.

Multichannel Document Output provided by Docorigin – allows companies to reduce paper, printing, postage and distribution costs up to 20%.

And last but not least – unlike other solutions, DocOrigin can go-live in only 3 days (incl. blueprint, implementation, customization, knowledge transfer). This means much faster Return on Investment.

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Business Communications Center

Combine transactional documents (invoices, statements, shipping orders) with targeted, personalized messages (marketing ads, coupons, notices) improving customer engagement levels.

Dynamic Business Documents

Create business documents on demand by combining pre-approved document templates and data from your customer database, improving brand integrity.

Enterprise Document Center

Digital workspace for managing document generation processes, user access control, document approval, document post processing, sorting and bundling.


An American Fortune 200 company and global supplier of paints, coatings, specialty materials, and fiberglass. 

Replacing legacy system, modernize business processes by implementing an integrated solution for the design, branding, and distribution of critical business documents, while reducing operational costs.

DocOrigin optimized both document production with internationalization (language and currency) and the multichannel distribution of documents in formats including fax, e-mail and printing and more.

DocOrigin allowed cutting document management and maintenance costs by about 50% and document generation costs by about 30%. Complete return on investments achieved in less than 24 months.

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Video: DocOrigin. General product overview

Learn about:

  • What is DocOrigin
  • Product functionality
  • Generation of documents and forms
  • Before and after DocOrigin (document example)
  • Business benefits of using DocOrigin
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Video: DocOrigin: Workflow

Learn about:

  • DocOrigin and its components (Folder Monitor, Design, Filter Editor, Configuration Editor)
  • How to create high volumes of documents automatically
  • DocOrigin workflow
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