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Dynamic Business Documents

Automate and enhance everyday
customer correspondence

Reduce mistakes in manually created documents to a minimum



Dynamic Business Documents (DBD) is a powerful web-based document generation add-on for DocOrigin. It empowers authorized users from Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Legal departments to create, edit, omnichannel preview and deliver highly professional and interactive customer communication on an ad hoc/on-demand basis. This solution not only saves your brand integrity and opens new channels for customer engagement, but also saves time and up to 50% of document change costs.



Any industry

Insurance, Utility, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Healthcare and other

Any document type

Letters, invoices, shipping orders, notes, statements, newsletters, packing slips and more

Any platform

OS: Windows, Linux, CentOS, AIX, AS/400, IBM I; and ecosystem: SAP, Oracle JD Edwards, Infor M3, homegrown

Any delivery channel

E-mail, pdf-attachment, fax, SMS, customer portal, paper document, web page, messenger and download



Nowadays, customers are open to communication and interaction with their service providers as long as it’s uncomplicated and omnichannel. But many companies struggle in the process of creating a standardized document template for all customers’ preferred communication channels. As a result, they end up having non-customer friendly documents with errors, which are not adapted to these communications channels.

Dynamic Business Documents helps to create a customized library with document templates for all kind of occasions and fill them with predefined editable fields. This way, next time when you need to contact your customers, it happens fast, professional, standardized and though your customer’s preferred channel.

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Dynamic Business Documents allows you to merge pre-approved document templates and any kind of customer data from your company’s ERP, CRM or any other database through a user-friendly interface, and create a personalized communication in only four easy steps. The process of on-demand customer communication is standardized, professional and with minimal risk of errors.
  • First step: Account selection
  • User searches for the needed customer which he/she needs to contact through business correspondence by entering any kind of information (contract number, customer id, name, address, etc.).
  • The number and type of data fields and action steps, which are displayed in Dynamic Business Documents, can be customized to meet every company’s needs.
  • Second step: Letter type selection
  • The user chooses from a list of letter types the one that is needed for this specific customer correspondence (invoice, letter, statement, notice, etc.).
  • Third step: Channel selection
  • In this step, the user selects the customer’s preferred communication channel.
  • Dynamic Business Documents automatically chooses the document template that is created specifically for this channel. The document templates include predefined dynamic fields. At this point, the document template was already tested and approved.
  • Fourth step: Omnichannel preview and Document management
  • The user makes all the necessary changes to the document by filling the pre-defined dynamic fields in the document template which already contains all the required information about the customer.
  • After making these changes, the user can preview the finished document and then directly send the end result through the customer’s preferred channel directly to the customer, or sent for approval to the project manager, depending on user access level and company’s configurations.