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Business Communications Center

More up- and cross-selling with Ecodocx

Engage existing customers loyalty by generating
personalized transaction documents



Making powerful statements that bring your message on point


Extend customer relationships by adding tailored informational, educational, and marketing messages into the transaction and regulatory documents, which are opened and read attentively – 95% of the time. With a cost-efficient, flexible and user-friendly interface,  non-technical users can finally work at the speed of customers’ businesses.

Business Communications Center (“BCC”) is a powerful versatile solution, which allows users from single departments (e.g. Marketing, HR, Sales and Legal) or whole companies to insert customized rule-based dynamic messages (marketing ads, notices, payment coupons, legal T&Cs) into any business documents via an intuitive and user friendly interface.




Drives Sales

Opened and carefully read by 95% of recipients, unlike any other customer correspondence, which is opened by less than 10% of recipients

Elevate Customer Experience

Engage your existing customers by customizing their transaction documents with personalized and important messages.

All-In-One Tool

BCC helps to improve corporate image, save brand integrity and increase brand visibility on the market by capturing the attention of the most important audience – your customers.


Users can access this tool anytime and anywhere from most browsers. Microsoft Edge (former Internet Explorer), Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome.





Utility bills that include seasonal messages, coupons, or energy-saving tips specific to the household.

Credit card bills with targeted messages and promotions based on purchasing history and geographic and demographic customer data.

Telecom statements optimized to enhance readability, cut postage costs and add unique offers based on customer profiles, like a call to upgrade telecom tariffs, or mobile phones.

Airline company statements that include coupons for future flights based on customer preferences and travel destinations.

Healthcare statements that include embedded messages discussing certain chronic or age-related diseases and provide prevention or care instructions, or pharmaceutical products.

Insurance statements with recommendations on healthcare options and alternatives, that are added when customers have diabetes or high blood pressure

Bank statements that promote additional services such as insurance, or deposit.





Your company can now use transaction, demographic, service usage history, location, and behavioral data to make service suggestions and present targeted offers. They can move away from a campaign-focused mode and reach a wider audience with more relevant and dynamic messaging at lower costs.

Business Communications Center helps to digitize the document generation process performed by your company. It allows to create and use a customized library with pre-approved document templates and rule-based dynamic messages.

Many companies have pre-approved products/ services descriptions, which can be slot-into documents. With this solution pack, you’ll be able to maintain brand integrity in every document. The content will be correct and up-to-date every time. Where it’s important, you can keep control of your brand and standardize terminology.

This speeds up the mass document delivery and saves the company’s brand integrity by using the same document templates and campaign ads for all delivery channels.




Produce high-volume, fully personalized transpromo bills, statements, policies, and everyday correspondence.

Extend customer relationships by adding tailored informational, educational, and marketing messages into transaction and regulatory documents, which are opened and read attentively – 95% of the time. With cost-efficient, flexible and user-friendly interface, a non-technical user can finally work at the speed of customers’ businesses.



Put targeted messages where customers can find them easily – into transaction documents


  • Set up a marketing campaign that includes transaction documents
  • Create a customer-friendly document template
  • Define areas for customer communications on the transaction documents
  • Create a library of transpromo resources, like images, messages, and barcodes
  • Adjust messages to different whitespace area sizes, like on the footer of the bill.
  • Set rules for marketing message selection based on time of the year, the customer’s purchasing history, service usage history, and other segmentation data.
  • Set date range (optional)
  • Send to approval (recommended)
  • Release to production.
  • Benefit from a single point of control over all campaigns
  • Revise marketing messages to remain relevant and up-to-date.



Video: Business Communications Center: Customer Communication Of The Future


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