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Engage existing customers loyalty by generating
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Business Communications Center (“BCC”) is a powerful web based software solution, created as an add-on to DocOrigin (from the creators of Adobe Central Pro Output Server, Jetform), which allows users from single departments (e.g. Marketing, HR, Sales and Legal) or whole companies to insert customized rule-based dynamic messages (marketing ads, notices, payment coupons, legal T&Cs) into any business documents via an intuitive and user friendly web interface.

Benefits of using Business Communication Center

Drives sales

Opened and carefully read by 95% of recipients, unlike any other customer correspondence, which is opened by less than 10% of recipients

Elevate customer experience

Engage your existing customers by customizing their transaction documents with personalized and important messages.

All-In-One tool

BCC helps to improve corporate image, save brand integrity and increase brand visibility on the market by capturing the attention of the most important audience – your customers.


Users can access this tool anytime and anywhere from most browsers. Microsoft Edge (former Internet Explorer), Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome.

Nowadays, more and more people suffer under information overload. Slowly, customers are “shutting down” to everyday marketing. Fortunately, customers still review their transactional documents for important verifications frequently. Therefore, customer invoices, statements, orders and other transactional documents play a key role in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Scenario I: One of your customers, a young father, receives his monthly bank statement with an advertisement “Bigger Family – Bigger Home. Loans for creating a home for your family. 1-5 years loans – 5% APR. no hidden fees”. He gets this message in his statement because he was in the targeted group of customers. Sooner or later he, or anyone else in his network will think about getting a home for him and his/hers young family. And this is where the magic starts.

Scenario II: The legal department has released new insurance conditions, it must be ensured that these are automatically added to all new contracts from a certain key date.Our solutions help to securely automate these and many other document related work steps. We help to keep your documents up-to-date, so you can focus on the important parts of your business. 

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Business Communications Center helps to digitize the document generation process performed by your company. It allows to create and use a customized library with pre-approved document templates and rule-based dynamic messages.

In utilities, it can help to engage existing customers loyalty. It may be the small payment coupon at the bottom of a bill or it could be a useful tariff recommendation.

Many companies have pre-approved products/ services descriptions, which can be slot-into documents. With this solution pack, you’ll be able to maintain brand integrity in every document. The content will be correct and up-to-date every time. Where it’s important, you can keep control of your brand and standardize terminology.

This speeds up the mass document delivery and saves the company’s brand integrity by using the same document and add templates for all delivery channels.

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Everyday documents, such as bills, order acknowledgments, insurance policies, notices, packing slips and bank statements, are a perfect example of documents customers read every day. They are a trusted information channel. Unlike direct marketing, which is opened by  less than 10% of recipients, transactional documents are opened by 95%.

The idea of placing messages within transactional documents isn’t new, but “BCC” helps to make this process intelligent, relevant, personalized, targeted and allows to access customers while merging two different messages in an efficient way.

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With BCC, you can manage targeted groups (target all member or specific groups based on any information from your contact/ customer database).

By placing ads only for targeted audience, it helps to reduce costs and produce faster return on investment. They can be placed in documents and forms based on customer’s buying history, industry, region, and more without making any changes to existing business software.

Companies can create relevant, data-driven, communications to customers, employees, partners, and vendors quickly and easily without scripting or programing and reduce demand on their IT staff.

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