Customer Communications Management

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Ecodocx’s Customer Communications Management solutions make it easy to control document related work processes and keep in touch with customer groups by using everyday tools like email, phone, SMS, fax, and internet. Our technologies are developed to help you meet your customer’s specific needs and to deliver custom-tailored solutions for automated document generation, editing, approving, control, sorting and bundling, post-processing, output and delivery, storage.

We at Ecodocx have an average of 10 + years of professional document delivery experience. Our experts can work with you to develop and install document management solutions that meet your business needs. Our team has great expertise in providing Output and Customer Communications Management solutions for complex enterprise environments.

We have worked with some of the world’s largest companies. Our customer base includes Fortune 50 companies worldwide. Each member of our team brings top-quality skills in analyzing business needs, identifying, developing, and implementing customized solutions to meet those needs, and providing high professional project management. We help you realize all the benefits of optimized business processes. The end result is a reliable and fast output management solution for better business outcomes.

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Did you know, the more you personalize the communication with your customers (bills, statements, quotes, special offers), the more connected they feel to your brand. This is where customer loyalty begins and your revenue starts to increase?

Our solutions offer your employees a flexible editing environment with a secure user access level control that allows users to interactively personalize communications while streamlining the consistent use of approved content within brand guidelines, using notifications, warnings, coupons, special offers, ads etc. This drastically reduces administrative work and helps increasing brand integrity.

Typically, this module allows to combine existing transaction documents with personalized interactive content based on different rules set by company’s employees. This way, the content, size, shape of interactive ads can be set based on customer and/or transaction type, document specification etc. Documents can be generated and printed/sent or returned to the user immediately, or be sent to the approved section.

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